• Heritage of Jacob Peru Mission (HJPM) hopes to stand alongside the Peruvian Asociación “Misión Heredad de Jacob” (MHJ).
  • We believe that God is a “helper of the fatherless”, and so we at HJPM hope to help MHJ provide stable homes over the long-run, and serve abandoned and abused children, demonstrating the love of God and providing the security of living in a safe place.
  • We believe that God instituted family. The Peruvian Constitution affirms and defends Peruvian children’s rights to live in a family. HJPM hopes to help MHJ in the work of restoring broken families and teaching parenting skills.
  • We believe in good stewardship. Both HJPM and MHJ are committed to transparency and accountability of the uses of all donations. HJPM also hopes to provide consultation help when needed and asked for by MHJ, always with a heart to respect the existing culture.
  • Humility and respect for each other is a principle that HJPM hopes to put into effect in our efforts to help the Peruvian children’s home association (MHJ) reach out to abandoned and abused children.

Watching God transform hearts and restore families has been a privilege and blessing for all of us who have participated in many different ways.

We invite you to join us in that privilege and blessing, and so we invite you to visit with us personally by phone or mail.