Rescuing children. Transforming hearts.

Heritage of Jacob Peru Mission is an Evangelical Christian non-profit organization that works in partnership with an autonomous Peruvian Evangelical Christian non-profit para-church association named Misión Heredad de Jacob.

Heritage of Jacob Peru Mission (HJPM) exists to provide funding with accountability, and consultation opportunities, helping to make it possible for Peruvian Christians to establish communities of family homes for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children, victims of sexual abuse and family violence. We are partnering with mature, sincerely devoted Peruvian Christians to establish, lead and participate in, and perpetuate, the work of this international partnership.

Misión Heredad de Jacob operates two children’s homes and also reaches children beyond its walls by partnering with grandparents and single mothers living in extreme poverty, to provide similar but non-residential assistance, some with special needs children.