In 2002 fifteen Peruvians and three North Americans founded a Peruvian non-profit association named “Comunidád Cristiana Fe en Acción” in Huánuco, Peru.


Since 2003 “Asociación Misión Heredad de Jacob” has cared for as many as 14 children at a time, working in coordination with the local Family Court system.


In 2007 “MHJ” acquired farmland 8 miles northeast of the city of Huánuco, with plans of developing that land into a community of family homes where children can be received and provided for, in a safe place.


From the beginning, Misión Heredad de Jacob children’s home association has operated with financial support from churches and individuals in the USA. In order to open up more funding possibilities, the Colorado non-profit organization named Heritage of Jacob Peru Mission was formed in 2011. Heritage of Jacob Peru Mission is an independent mission organization with its own board of directors and volunteers, dedicated to assisting the autonomous and indigenous Peruvian association Misión Heredad de Jacob.


The association changed its name to “Misión Heredad de Jacob” in 2012 in order to align more with the original calling from Isaiah 58.


A ministry of benevolence begins to grow larger with every year that passes. Donations of food, clothing, and educational supplies are given to a variety of children and elderly who are living in situations of extreme poverty and abandon.


Misión Heredad de Jacob continued developing orchards, berry fields, and a business in agricultural products, in order to generate funds for helping more children. Moving toward the goal of a self-sustaining Peruvian ministry, using organic locally sustainable agriculture practices.


A second children’s home is opened, this one on mission land in Sariapampa.